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Caledonian sleeper first class

The Caledonian sleeper has been running in various forms since when specialised sleeping carriages were first introduced. For the wealthier travellers, that included luxurious compartments with seating areas and en-suite toilets. The service was almost scrapped when the railways were privatised in the s, but were saved after a high-profile campaign.

Despite using ageing stock, the trains remained popular. Rival road offerings were short-lived. Both have since stopped. The rail service is now operated by Serco on behalf of Transport Scotland. Its new carriages are bespoke and designed for Caledonian Sleeper from scratch. The fleet, which will be on the rails from the beginning of Junefeatures:.

Serco's Ryan Flaherty said the fleet would provide "a truly magical experience that will transform travel between London and Scotland".

He added: "Safety is absolutely paramount for us. But, beyond that, this is a hospitality experience. Another first for the Sleeper is the introduction of new engineering technology to stop things going "bump" in night. In the past, passengers have complained of being woken by a shunt when two sections of the train coupled together at Carstairsbut the operators say the addition of Dellner couplers will be a "dream" development for snoozing guests.

Serco's Ryan Flaherty said: "On the current train the coaches have to 'kick' together to make the contact, but going forward it's 'kissing'. Unlike standard rail fares which are released three months in advance, sleeper tickets can be bought a year before travel.

Sleeper romance. On-board the UK's first overnight sleeper coach. From June, 75 new carriages will offer en-suite double rooms for the first time. The new trains hark back to an era of luxury overnight travel between Scotland and London. Prices for rooms have been increased for passengers on the new trains from 2 June. Related Topics. Rail travel.

More on this story. Published 1 June Around the BBC.The train gathers speed, leaving the warm glow of the town center behind, as it rattles through dreary housing estates and into the rolling hills of the Highlands. A hush falls over the dining cart as faces press against steamy windows and eyes flicker at passing scenery. The melancholic landscapes — their bleak indifference still evident in the fading light — contrasts wildly with the warmth and cheer on the Caledonian Sleeper, the name given to the overnight sleeper train service connecting London and Scotland.

As the train settles into a gentle rhythm, the dining cart comes to life. It was tough going. Nursing bottles of beer the four men look contemplatively out of the windows as, in a matter of minutes, the train unravels the landscapes they took days to conquer. We go full Scottish with our dinner: haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with Laphroaig 10 year. The good stuff. The whiskey, I figure, will send us into a deep slumber when we retire to our cabin.

That proves wishful thinking. Lying in bed that night, listening to the rat-a-tat-tat of the railway, I muse that a more apt moniker for the train might be the Caledonian Insomnia. There are a few things you need to know before traveling on the Caledonian Sleeper. Both the car sleepers depart London late at night and both stop at some ungodly hour, somewhere in Scotland, to be dissected: The Highlander is split into three and the Lowlander two.

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These severed services then go on to their respective destinations with the reverse happening on the return leg. But it's not just the high-end rooms that received attention — both the Classic Rooms and Club Rooms both sporting bunk beds were given the once over, while the reclining chairs in seating class the cheapest tickets were completely redesigned, now boasting personal lockers, reading lights and charging points.

In a country where grumbling about the railways is a national sport — and commuter services are synonymous with overcrowding and poor value for money — the Caledonian Sleeper clings defiantly to the Golden Age of rail travel. To say I arrive in London feeling refreshed, though, is pushing it. We are sent into the day with breakfast in bed — Scottish smoked salmon and eggs — which we scoff before joining the morning commuters in the English capital.

They have the same bleak indifference of the Highlands only with none of the romance. Here's everything you need to know to have your very own night train journey across Britain. Check the latest guidance before departure, and always follow local health advice.The Caledonian Sleeper is a sleeper train service operated by First ScotRail and one of only two remaining sleeper services running on the railways of Great Britainthe other being the Night Riviera.

It connects London Euston station and five Scottish termini — AberdeenEdinburghFort WilliamGlasgow and Inverness — six times a week departures are daily except for Saturday nights and also serves a number of intermediate stations.

The service to Fort William is colloquially known as The Deerstalker. Caledonian is an adjective relating to Scotland or the Scottish Highlands and derives from Caledoniathe Latin name for northern Britain.

The Highland Caledonian Sleeper services leave London as one train in the early evening between and for Inverness, Aberdeen and Fort William. Later on around - the Lowland Caledonian Sleeper services leave for Edinburgh and Glasgow, also as one train. It is customary for the service to arrive early and wait for its booked departure time.

This train arrives at Edinburgh Waverley where no alighting is possible about six and a half hours after leaving London, where it splits into three separate trains, bound for Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William. These trains call at intermediate stations en route to their final destinations. Travel to intermediate stations between Edinburgh and the ultimate destinations is possible in seated accommodation subject to availability.

It is worth noting that customers for Central Scotland and Fife stations to Perth and Dundee may depart London later and arrive later by travelling on the Lowland Sleeperthen by local connecting service from Edinburgh.

Also, although the Fort William portion of the Highland Sleeper skirts around northern Glasgow, customers may arrive in Glasgow earlier than the Lowland Sleeper by travelling on the Highland Sleeper and changing at Westerton. The service stops to allow passengers to alight at Carlisle and Carstairs.

At Carstairs it separates into two separate services, one bound for Edinburgh and the other for Glasgow Centralalso calling at Motherwell. Heading south, the Highland Sleeper trains depart from Fort William, Inverness and Aberdeen, calling at intermediate stations on the journey southwards. They merge to form one train at Edinburgh Waverley before continuing their journey via Preston, Crewe and Watford Junction all stops permit alighting only to London Euston.

The merged service makes a further stop at Carlisle to pick up passengers, and arrives at Watford Junction and then London Euston the following morning. All four services stop at Carlisle to pick up breakfast supplies and for a driver change. The trains normally operate at a maximum speed of 80mph, but are authorised to travel at mph, where line speeds permit, if they are delayed by more than 20 minutes. Caledonian Sleeper coaches at Fort William. The train leaves Euston as normal but with a second locomotive still attached to the back of the train.

Upon arriving at Wembley Car Maintenance Depot in North London, the first locomotive is detached and the train hauled southwards again, back in the direction of London. After passing through Finsbury Park heading north againthe service is run non-stop to Scotland. By entering Edinburgh Waverley station at the opposite end to normal, any further shunting is avoided, leaving the train in the "standard" arrangement. When the Lowland Sleeper is in Edinburgh Waverley, the Glasgow portion is detached from the front and hauled back down to Motherwell and up to Glasgow Central.

The Highland Sleeper is split into three portions as usual.

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The opposite sequence is repeated going south. Because of the reversal at Wembley and additional route length, the train is normally booked to leave an hour early on such occasions. Fort William Diversions: Oban: The last diversion to Oban took place inwhile class 37 locomotives were still operating this section of the sleeper service.A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how you can travel from London to Inverness i.

Always busy in London Euston Being given the opportunity to travel North East Scotland has been an absolute pleasure; its scenery, people and little towns were some of the most unique I've ever experienced. However, before leaving Scotland I made a promise; to go back as soon as possible. Few weeks had passed since then and I found myself yet on another train to the most beautiful country on earth!

In this blog I will be primarily focusing on the first leg of my trip starting from London, where I board the late night Caledonian Sleeper train to Glasgow. You can access the lounge provided that you have a First Class ticket.

Complimentary drinks, snacks and newspapers are provided along with free WiFi. Last time I was here the lounge was packed and I couldn't even find a chair to sit on. Lounge bar Not that busy compared to the previous time! Obligatory catching up with the news before boarding Excellent modern furniture Complimentary hot drinks and snacks available Almost no one around by midnight Lounge-seats Sofas. Around midnight is was almost time to leave so I headed to the platform where stewards stand by each door of the very long sixteen-carriage train and direct you to the correct carriage.

Caledonian Sleeper Discount Offers 2021: London to Scotland Overnight Train

When you have reached our carriage another steward checks your name off and shows you to your cabin. We were travelling first class and were also asked what we would like for breakfast.

Cooked or continental? Tea or coffee?

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You can even chose the time that breakfast is delivered to your cabin! Normal Fares: Tickets for the Caledonian Sleeper are available here. It is not possible to buy reservations at stations outside of Great Britain!

Interestingly, the new cabins will be sold per room like a hotel; If you choose a twin then the price covers two people. If you are travelling solo, then you might as well book a single. When you are travelling it is rare to arrive at your destination so early in the morning which makes it easy to continue your onward journey.Where to buy tickets. Schedule information, seats, couchettes and sleepers.

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caledonian sleeper first class

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caledonian sleeper first class

Tickets to their night trains. The journey time is hours. The train offers inexpensive seats and private sleeper compartments.

You can board the train from and stay until Please note: the travel times may vary on some weekdays.The Reader View of Wikipedia. Caledonian Sleeper is the collective name for overnight sleeper train services between London and Scotlandin the United Kingdom. It is one of only two currently operating sleeper services on the railway in the United Kingdom, the other being the Night Riviera which runs between London and Penzance. The later departure serves Edinburgh and Glasgow splitting at Carstairs.

Five London-bound portions depart from these destinations each night, combining into two trains at Edinburgh and Carstairs. Since Aprilthe Caledonian Sleeper has been a standalone franchise operated by Sercoand under the supervision of the Scottish Government. Prior to this it was part of the ScotRail franchise. In a new fleet of Mark 5 carriages replaced the existing carriages. An extra charge of ten shillings was made for a sleeping berth. Sleeping car services operated on both the West and East coast routes to multiple destinations until the East coast were withdrawn in May InterCity planned to remove all seating accommodation on the remaining services from Mayhowever it instead concluded a deal with Stagecoach to retain the Mark 2 seating carriages [7] [8] however the Stagecoach carriages were withdrawn after 12 months.

The overnight service was relaunched as the Caledonian Sleeper from 4 June Seated carriages were added to the sleeping cars from January using 11 former Virgin Trains Mark 2 carriages that were refurbished at Wolverton Works and fitted with first class-style reclining seats. In the Scottish Government announced that as part of the reletting of the ScotRail franchise from Aprilthe Caledonian Sleeper would be operated by a separate franchise.

Existing Mark 2 and Mark 3 coaching stock was to be replaced by In December staff called a two-day strike because of health and safety concerns with the trains then in use.

In these cases they still use London Euston except when the station itself is closed, or there is no possible routing into the station during engineering works, in which case they use nearby London King's Cross instead.

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The northbound Highland Sleeper leaves London Euston at on Sundayscalling at Watford JunctionCrewe and Preston to pick up passengers, and arrives at Edinburgh Waverley approximately six-and-a-half hours after leaving London.

At Edinburgh Waverley, the train is divided into three portions; these continue north of Edinburgh to Fort WilliamAberdeen and Inverness as separate services. These services arrive at their respective destinations in the morning of the next day. The Aberdeen set consists of between two and four sleeper coaches depending on demand plus one seated carriage and one lounge car, all running throughout.Every room on board our new trains captures the spirit of Caledonian Sleeper, with handcrafted Glencraft mattresses for the ultimate sleep and — for the first time — en-suite facilities in select accommodation options.

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Whether you are travelling to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen or Fort William, travel in comfort and enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The Silver City with the Golden Sands, also known as the Granite City, Aberdeen has established itself as a dining and entertainment destination. Home to many a lively ceilidh — where the celebrated local malt is the toast of the guests — Fort William is an idyllic escape from the rat race. Want to stay informed about the latest developments with Caledonian Sleeper?

Your room awaits Every room on board our new trains captures the spirit of Caledonian Sleeper, with handcrafted Glencraft mattresses for the ultimate sleep and — for the first time — en-suite facilities in select accommodation options.

Your room awaits

Explore Tickets Accommodation Accessible Travel. Caledonian Double Make mine a double.

caledonian sleeper first class

Available for Solo or Shared use. Caledonian Double Room.

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Club Room A hotel experience. Club Room. Classic Room The new standard. Classic Room. Comfort Seats Comfort at its core. Available as a fixed or flexible ticket. Comfort seats. Learn more. Aberdeen The Silver City with the Golden Sands, also known as the Granite City, Aberdeen has established itself as a dining and entertainment destination.

Glasgow A creative scene like no other, Glasgow is famous for the arts, live music, and comedy. Fort William Home to many a lively ceilidh — where the celebrated local malt is the toast of the guests — Fort William is an idyllic escape from the rat race.


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