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Yxz turbo kit gytr

The engineers on the GYTR Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing program have developed a combination of parts in a package that will make reliable power for your machine. That is something we had the chance to experience through some private testing recently and our thoughts were all over the board as it was so much to take in. It was sometimes hard to keep the Cheshire grin concealed when standing on the go pedal.

GYTR turbo kit for YXZ 1000

Before we get to our initial impressions let us look at the kit. This kit contains many parts and the install is going to be no joke mechanical skills required! Starting with the bottom end of the engine, when you begin forcing more and more air into a cylinder the pressure can wreak havoc on connecting rods.

This could possibly be the most difficult part of the install as it requires the engine to be disassembled, but the added benefits are immense! The kit also includes items such as a new and improved air box, performance exhaust header that uses the stock muffler, intercooler and much more.

We will list the exact parts list below for those who need to see it in its entirety. The biggest part in the box of goodies is the Turbo itself. This Garrett GTRS water cooled ball bearing turbo provides explosive punch to the rear wheels and it is expandable. So, where some turbos on the market come out of the box pumped up to their limit or at least extremely close, this unit can be tuned up for even more incredible excitement.

All while running on 91 octane pump gas! It was a brief stretch of about two hours in some wide open and challenging tight, rocky terrain where we got our first ride in the turbo-equipped YXZR. Shifting via the steering column-mounted paddles made it easier to concentrate on the trail ahead as well as to get a good hold on the wheel. Our initial impression was that the power seems to be very fluid and transfers smoothly up to a blistering pace.

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It is when the engine rpms begin to build and the sheer brutality of the Garrett Turbo is exposed. The rear tires on our ride seemed to struggle to contain the power and quite frankly when I dialed up the needle on the gauge, the car just launched itself into the trails ahead. I would venture to say that new factory shock settings or maybe a new look at the chassis might be in order. It is just that impressive.

Blowing the rear tires off is a very apparent by product of this GYTR system. On the flip side of that coin we did roam around in some slower, tighter trails with mild rock formations to see just how this kit would benefit the average trail guy with the need for HP output.

It felt comfortable using a gear higher than normal and with the added power the YXZR would lug a little better in higher gearing.

I would say it is not for the weak at heart or novice driver as the car turns from David Banner to the Incredible Hulk when pressed! Get ATV. Like ATV. Email a friend Comment.

yxz turbo kit gytr

How about a price you idiot!Yamaha is one manufacturer that fuels our passion for going fast with their pure-sport lineup of machines. The radiator was moved to the rear of the machine to gain more air flow, keep the cab cooler inside and resist the possibility of mud clogging up the cooling system. In this case the most important upgrade is the addition of high-strength connecting rods in the engine.

Engine internals can be fragile, and most companies design them to work in stock form. In a new world of sport UTVs rolling off the showroom floor with turbo induction, Yamaha needed to stay competitive. This brought costs up too far for a lot of consumers that wanted more power.

So, do you want a claimed percent power increase? The answer should be yes! This kit has some stipulations to it. If you are an experienced mechanic, then you should be able to knock this install out of the park, but it will be quite time-consuming.

You can only order it through your Yamaha dealer, and if your car is still under warranty, having them install it for you is the smart choice. The parts are all designed or picked out by the GYTR engineers at Yamaha to fit perfectly; otherwise, they would have never released it, and we put a lot of trust in that fact. Yamaha takes their design and quality assurance extremely seriously, which is why their vehicles work so well and last a long time.

Normal trail explorers might not want or, honestly, need the power increase the Turbo kit provides. The GYTR-equipped Yamaha takes off and ends up at the same speed in each gear, but once you shift out of first gear, the ride gets far more exhilarating.

We planted our foot on the pedal during every shift, and the stock YXZ could not compete with the Turbo upgrade version. Power came on a lot stronger in the midrange, and soared to the tip of the top end.

It feels like you become one with the seat when you mash the throttle. The acceleration forces suck you back into the upholstery, and the power rockets the Yamaha forward. We felt far more confident when pointing the nose of the YXZ towards big dune faces or at tricky transitions, and while drag racing down sand straights.

We also believe that with some customization, you could get even more power out of the kit. If you are a closed-course racer, though, the kit has potential to offer even more ponies. If you are on the edge or making a decision between purchasing a Yamaha, having the GYTR kit installed or going with the competition, we can provide some details. This is a stick-shift manual clutch model YXZ. The hour install and ability to finance the whole package through your dealer is a great benefit, too.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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GYTR is pleased to bring you the finest forced-air-induction systems available on the market today! We scoured the globe, sourcing the highest quality components available — determined to build a turbo kit unlike any other. Availability: Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

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During development, no detail was overlooked. A small electric water pump circulates water in this system The exhaust header utilizes the stock muffler with catalyst and Forestry-approved spark arrestor Includes an upgraded GYTR Connecting Rod Set Includes a high-quality Donaldson air filter assembly that replaces the stock airbox Hand-welded, TIG-welded, equal length stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold for maximum performance and durability TIG-welded, aluminum airbox with CNC-machined base and equal length runners to provide 6 psi of boost into the stock throttle bodies Braided, stainless steel hoses and AN fittings utilized for proven durability High-performance silicone hoses on all boost connections to prevent blow-offs.

A custom air box that fits in the same stock location provides clean air to the water-cooled, ball bearing, top-of-the-line Garrett GTRS Turbo which is perfectly matched to deliver smooth, predictable power without the inconsistent throttle response found in inferior systems The Yamaha ECU provides consistent throttle response with the reliability you've come to expect from GYTR Includes an upgraded GYTR Connecting Rod Set Includes a high-quality Donaldson air filter assembly that replaces the stock airbox Hand-welded, TIG-welded, equal length stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold for maximum performance and durability TIG-welded, aluminum airbox with CNC-machined base and equal length runners to provide 6 psi of boost into the stock throttle bodies Dealer installation recommended Important: Requires the use of premium octane gas Details Brand: GYTR Package Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 20 inches Manufacturer Part Number: B5J-E46F0-V Shipping Weight: 30 pounds.

Submit Review.Thank you for your patience! Subscribe Get Exclusive Deals. View 12 24 48 60 Items 1- 33 of Condition: New. Description: Alba racing can reprogram your transmission's computer in a number of ways to perform more aggressively. After too many hours of testing we have our ecu flash ready. Maps: We now have over map options testing hundreds of different Not for sale in CA.

Description: GYTR turbo kit re-flash up to hp: This ecu flash allows you to run anywhere from stock boost to All that is needed for more than Ditch the pesky piggyback fuel Description: This is our recommendation for a turbo kit for the YXZ Im sure you have read the Yamaha specs for the turbo kit so let me give you our take.

Yamaha YXZ1000R Turbo Kit from GYTR Review

The heart of the turbo kit is the turbocharger GYTR turbo kit package's hp. This kit is complete and includes everything you need to make hp just by turning a knob. This product can not be sold or shipped to California as it is not emissions legal. Description: Want to make big big power reliably?

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Here is a package consisting of the best parts money can buy. Do it once.Yamaha GYTR is pleased to bring you the pinnacle of forced air induction systems available on the market today! We scoured the globe, sourcing the highest quality components available — determined to build a turbo kit unlike any other.

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During development, no detail was overlooked. Update all Quantities. This Website is intended for U. See here for global Yamaha Motor links. This site uses cookies to ensure the best browsing experience on our website. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more.

yxz turbo kit gytr

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Your Email address will be your login to your account. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one upper case letter and one number. Yes, I would like to receive news and special offers. Account Creation Successful.Thank you for your patience! Subscribe Get Exclusive Deals. This is our recommendation for a turbo kit for the YXZ Im sure you have read the Yamaha specs for the turbo kit so let me give you our take.

The heart of the turbo kit is the turbocharger. This is where most companies skimp as good ones can cost five times what cheap ones cost. This kit does not skimp and comes with a real made in Japan Garrett turbo. A gtrs to be exact. This is not a cheap overseas knockoff like most kits are using. This turbo is also ball bearing, a significant upgrade over most of the cheaper journal bearing turbochargers offered by other companies.

The ball bearing offers much quicker on and off throttle response and turbo spool up. This is where most companies cheap out but not Yamaha. This turbo is big enough to support hp if you feel the need. This kit includes a complete new ECU that can read boost pressure with a map sensor like a factory turbo car should.

This is why most other companies selling turbo kits use piggy back controllers to alter the ecu as they couldn't make a new ecu like Yamaha has done. Yamaha's solution is much much better and much more refined and offers much better driveability as well as engine protection.

The intercooler included with this kit is air to water. Most other kits are air to air as it is cheaper and a bit simpler. The air to water is a better solution as water cools much better than air and keeps your intake temps much more consistant.

yxz turbo kit gytr

Air to water also gives faster spool times due to shorter charge pipes and no big volume intercooler needed to fill to build pressure every time you get on and off the throttle. This kit includes everything you need and is OEM quality ensuring a good fit. Down the road if you decide you want more build your engine add a simple ecu re-flash and make over hp.

There are cheaper kits out there but for the little you save it isn't worth it as they simply cannot compare. Features: -Upgrade-able to hp with injectors a Alba Racing re-flash. This is just how the kit comes from GYTR.

Up to hp. Coming soon Stage 5: This flash includes cc injectors, regulator, pump, wastegate, Alba Cams Up to hp. Customize Your Item. Select model - Select model. Qty :. Free standard shipping We will select the shipping method.

YXZ 1000R Stock Exhaust Mod

Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. This flash will allow you to turn your stock boost up to 8 psi from 6. Your turbo will also spool quicker and the car will just be more fun to drive.This method does not require to get traffic and work for sixty hours per week.

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